Deep House Bow Flow

Bowspring + Beats

with Saskia Griffiths

Dynamic practice, deep house beats, breath, deep connection, meditation.

deephouseAwareness isn’t dependant on outer peace, but a capacity to connect to the internal world no matter what is happening outside. Learn how to cultivate inner peace, whilst flowing to fast paced beats, detached and appreciating each moment as it passes. As we grow in consciousness, we learn how to be less reactive, loud or not, slow or fast, hot or cold. Find your inner rhythm and flow to end in deep connection and rest in your inner sanctuary.

Saskia is visiting Europe for a little and excited to share her growth over the last two years. She spent 1 year at the home of the Bowspring in Denver Colorado studying, teaching and working for John Friend and Desi Springer. Today, she is helping spread the Bowspring in Argentina and supporting John remotely. This practice is Saskia’s personal practice, music, bows, flows, Wim Hof breathing, meditation. Party pants a big plus!

Date & time
Friday 27 April 2018. 20:30 – 22:30. 

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