Chakras workshop and class program in Spanish

Chakras workshop and class program with Oliver Santos (in Spanish)

chakrasHave you ever wondered, why do some people are very presenct, have charisma? Why
whatever their circumstance, are optimistic most of the time? Why they just seem to have confidence in themselves and self-esteem? Some people seem to manifest what they want and rarely fail to achieve it.
Something always presents itself for them. Is it about luck? astrological sign? personality?

These and many more questions, we will be exploring through the chakras. The chakras generate, accumulate, transform and distribute energy, also being doors of exchange between man and the macrocosm. They are totally bonded with the physical body since the main chakras are associated with the nerve plexuses and the most important endocrine glands.

oliver-redIn 3 Saturday workshops Oliver Santos will dive deeper in the chakras. Meanwhile his public classes at Zunray will be themed according to the chakras of the workshops.

Below is the schedule of the workshops and a final class. To make the program complete we encourage you to come to his public classes for a more practical approach. The program of three workshops is 60€. For students that don’t attend Oliver’s public classes or other classes at Zunray regularly, the seven public classes can be added for 60€. If you would like to come to just one or two workshop, it’s 20€ per workshop.

  • Workshop Saturday 16 November 10:00-12:00 – Chakras 1 and 2
  • Workshop Saturday 23 November 10:00-12:00 – Chakras 3 and 4
  • Workshop Saturday 30 November 10:00-12:00 – Chakras 5, 6 and 7

Signups before 8 November will receive a 30+ page binded syllabus of the workshop. Signups after 7 November will receive the syllabus in digital format. To sign up, make your payment at the studio in cash.


Public class schedule:

Chakra 1:
Monday 18 November 20:30
Tuesday 19 November 20:30

Chakra 2:
Wednesday 20 November 20:30
Thursday 21 November 20:30

Chakra 3:
Monday 25 November 20:30
Tuesday 26 November 20:30

Chakra 4:
Wednesday 27 November 20:30
Thursday 28 November 20:30

Chakra 5:
Monday 2 December 20:30
Tuesday 3 December 20:30

Chakra 6:
Wednesda 4 December 20:30
Thursday 5 December 20:30

Chakra 7:
Friday 6 December 19:00