30-day Yoga Challenge

Zunray’s 30-day Yoga challenge 2018

Make a change in your life. Whether you want to make a huge transformation or a small positive shift, the challenge of 30 days of Yoga will motivate you to a higher vibration in all aspects of your life.

The challenge is to do yoga every day for 30 days in a row!

Do you want to know if yoga can make a difference to your life?

Will you feel different?

Will you be different?

Will you take the challenge?

The inspiration you receive from dedication & discipline, devotion & patience begins not only to transform you physically & mentally, but will create a way of living & being full of joy & energy.


How it works

From Friday 26 January until Saturday 25 February you attend a public class at the studio once a day. (pregnancy and beginners classes not permitted). Since there are 31 days, you have one joker! (you can miss one day)

On the challenge board that is publicly displayed in reception we keep track of your progres. Saturday 24 February 19:00 will be the last class of the challenge after which we´ll have a celebration.

This year we have added a theme to the challenge which is:  More is less!


The Reward

1) A deeper and more fulfilling connection with life and an expanded awareness of your authentic self. Not to mention the growth of self esteem and confidence that a rocking yoga practice brings to your life!!

2) For those that register 30 or 31 days: Inclusion on the Zunray wall of achievement and a chance to win a JADE PROFESSIONAL yoga mat (value 85€).


  • Students can freeze current class cards for the duration of the challenge.
  • Students that have a subscription for unlimited classes are invited to register for the challenge without additional cost. For those with a 9 class a month subscription, a supplement of 20€ will be added to February’s payment.
  • Not suitable for people without any previous yoga experience

only 99€

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It´s fun, challenging and will give you a wonderful start of the new year!