21-day DETOX plan

21-day Detox plan

with Zaira Leal and Judith Knapp

9 signs your body is asking for a detox:
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1. Low Energy/Fatigued
2. Constipated
3. Brain Fog/Unable to Focus
4. Feeling Depressed
5. Overweight/Trouble Losing Weight
6. Trouble Sleeping
7. Unexplained Headaches
8. Unexplained Soreness/Stiffness
9. Skin Problems/Allergic Reactions

Join the detox program for a purification of body and mind. For 21 days we will guide through a cleansing process that will give you back your energy while helping you get rid of a few extra pounds. We have seen many examples of remarkable improvement on all the symptons mentioned above.

This program consists of

• Yoga classes, we recommend doing a minimum of 2 and a maxium of 4 classes a week.
Top quality nutritional supplements
• Two informative workshops (at the beginning to explain and at the end to celebrate and how to continue)
• Instructions and tips on your diet
• Ongoing support throughout the program by means of a whatsapp group that all particpants join

There will be an informational talk on Saturday, March 24th 2018 at 10:00.

We start the program on Saturday, March 31st 2018 with a workshop from 10:30-12:00.

Price: 365€

Zunray students that already have a classcard or subscription can book the program without yoga classes for 295€.

What others say:

“At the age of 63 you start to feel your physical body and it’s is not what it used to be. Little aches here and there. So I kept thinking I needed a reset, but how ? I was offered the typical cleanings, colon, liver or a stay into one of those overpriced clinics.

When someone told me more about the detox plan, I had seen that it worked for people around me, I decided that that’s was the thing I was going to try.

The result has been 100% what I needed: it feels that I have cleaned all my internal organs and I lost weight in those parts of my body where I felt I had accumulated too much. On top of it has given me back vitality, so to say it feels like quite a remarkable rejuvenation! — Rocio –